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Dr Ritva Tikkanen

Arbeitsgruppe RAFTs
Institute Of Cell Biology
University Of Bonn
D-53121 Bonn

Fon: +49 228 735307
Fax: +49 228 735302

Email: tikkanen@uni-bonn.de

Born 29.01.1969 Varpaisjärvi, Finland
Education 1976-1985 Basic school education in Varpaisjärvi
1985-1988 High School
05/1988 Abitur
1988-12/91 Studies of biochemistry in the University of Turku
05/91-12/91 M.Sc. thesis work (Diplomarbeit) on the purification of human lysosomal aspartylglucosaminidase; in the laoratory of Prof. Leena Peltonen, National Public Health Institute, Helsinki
06/94 Master of Science in Biochemistry
01/92-03/96 Ph.D. work "Structure, function and intracellular targeting of human lysosomal aspartylgucosaminidase" in the laboratory of Prof. Leena Peltonen
03/96 Public Dissertation
10/96 Ph.D. degree (University of Helsinki)
10/96-9/98 Postdoctoral fellow (EU TMR Program) in the laboratory of Prof. Kurt von Figura, Göttingen, Germany
since 10/98 Postdoc/Junior group leader in the laboratory of Prof. Volker Herzog, Bonn, Germany
Scientific Awards 02/97 Ph.D. thesis was chosen as the best thesis in the Medical Faculty of the University of Helsinki
1997 Ph.D. thesis chosen as best thesis of the University of Helsinki in 1996

Publications Tikkanen, R., Obermüller, S., Denzer, K., Pungitore R, Geuze , H.J., von Figura, K. and Höning, S. (2000) The dileucine motif within the tail of MPR46 is required for sorting of the receptor in endosomes. Traffic, 1:631-640
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Tikkanen, R., Riikonen, A., Oinonen, C., Rouvinen, J. and Peltonen, L. (1996) Functional analyses of active site residues of human lysosomal aspartylglucosaminidase: implications for catalytic mechanism and autocatalytic activation. Embo J, 15, 2954-60.
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Järvelä, I., Lehtovirta, M., Tikkanen, R., Kyttälä, A. and Jalanko, A. (1999) Defective intracellular transport of CLN3 is the molecular basis of Batten disease (JNCL). Hum Mol Genet, 8, 1091-1098
Antonin, W., Holroyd, C., Tikkanen, R., Höning, S., and Jahn, R. (2000) The R-SNARE endobrevin/VAMP-8 mediates fusion of early and late endosomes. Mol. Biol. Cell 11: 3289-3298
Submitted for Publication Tikkanen R, Icking A, Wayneck GL and Herzog V (2000) The soluble N-terminal ectodomain of the amyloid precursor protein is associated with membrane rafts. Submitted
Simmen T, Höning S, Tikkanen R and Hunziker W (2000) The AP-4 adaptor complex is required for basolateral sorting in epithelial cells. Submitted